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Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Of course, this also applies to your visit to our website. We undertake to protect the data of visitors to our website.


The legal basis (Data Protection Act)

The Data Protection Act protects direct or indirect personal data. That is data relating to private individuals and legal entities. Personal data is any information about individuals which identifies them or makes them identifiable. Indirectly related data is data for a customer, service provider or recipient of a message where the personal references in the data are such that the customer, service provider or message recipient cannot determine the identity of the individual in question using legally permissible means.




By using our website you are giving consent for us to collect certain data. For our part, we undertake only to collect data that is absolutely necessary and to protect your data at all times. If you merely visit our website, we collect only indirect personal data. This means you can visit our website without telling us who you are. We find out only the name of your Internet service provider and the IP address used to access our website, the website from which you are visiting us and the web pages that you visit from ours. This information is used for statistical purposes for the continuous improvement of our service. As an individual user, you remain anonymous. Only if you want to use one of our personalized services will we ask you for certain personal data that is required to perform the service.



Collection and processing of indirect personal data

Every time a user accesses our website, i.e. every time they call up or try to call up a file on this server, data about the process is stored in a log file. That data is not personalized, so we are unable to see which user called up which data. Nor do we try to collect that information.



Using and sharing personal data and specific purposes

Personal data is only collected if you give it to us, for example during a registration process. All personal data that is generated in connection with our website is collected, processed and used only for the purpose of providing the services you request or to handle your enquiries, in accordance with current requirements for the protection of personal data. We use service providers in connection with processing your enquiries and with your use of our services. The service providers are contractually obliged to comply with this data protection statement. Your personal data will only be shared with third parties where we have your explicit consent and where those recipients have undertaken to comply with current data protection requirements. You can decide whether you want to give your consent to your personal data being shared with a third party or not. Your data will only be processed and used for the purposes of consultancy, publicity or market research if you have explicitly agreed to those purposes. No data is processed in third-party states outside the EU.

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